The Nourished Palate

You’re just starting to understand that food plays a big role in your own chronic illness, fatigue, extra weight – or in your child’s Autism, or behavioral or mood disorders…and you feel totally lost and overwhelmed about getting started, let alone maintaining these new changes long enough to fully heal. Or maybe you’ve been trying really hard to change your diet and health, but still aren’t seeing results.

“Hey. I’m Lisa. And I’ve got you.”

I’m here to give you clarity, structure, and simple steps so you know exactly what to do to get going. I take the burden from you, so you don’t have to know if what you’re doing is right, or how to handle it – that’s my job. Your job is to rest, and finally feel better.

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Are you a family of a child with autism, ADD/ADHD, depression, or anxiety?

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Dealing with fatigue, extra weight, or sugar cravings, and ready to jumpstart your health?

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Are you ready to dive deeper and heal the roots of your stubborn symptoms?

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People Are Talking

Before starting the program I was struggling with overwhelming depression and low energy. I had a sense of despair that I wouldn't be able to find a solution to my growing list of health concerns. Since beginning my work with Lisa, I have lost 20 lbs., 3 inches off of my waist, and found my hope again! I absolutely recommend her services!
Anne B.
Anne B.Scottsdale, AZ
RESTART® gave me the tools to reverse pain, lose weight, increase energy, and best of all, the common sense of how we should be living and eating. Thank you for helping me make a difference in my life and my family.
Susan O.Eugene, OR
Lisa has a broad, comprehensive knowledge base that enables her to offer advice on nutrition and proper eating habits for a wide variety of individuals. As someone on a restricted diet, I learned an incredible amount from Lisa about what is best for me to eat and what foods to avoid. She is a gem!
Stan K.
Stan K.Petaluma, CA
I have always struggled with depression throughout my life coupled with gut disturbances. With GAPS, and for the first time in ages, I get to experience a flat, non-bloated abdomen and a better outlook on life! Perhaps best of all the depression and negative thoughts that use to occur without provocation are gone. Lisa’s non-judmental methods are encouraging and helped me stay the course.
Lori F.
Lori F.Shoreline, WA
I have always loved being around Lisa. She is not only a kind and sensitive human being, but she also is such an amazing cook! She has made many wonderful food dishes for me and my family along with healthy juices and teas. Lisa will give you all the good information about what you are eating/drinking and what the benefits are but without the pretension. She is fun and truly loves what she is doing.
Lisa B.
Lisa B.Seattle, WA
Lisa helped me learn the tools that I needed to help bring myself back into balance. Her analysis of my diet and lifestyle was very beneficial in pinpointing areas that needed to be addressed. For me this meant supporting my adrenals to restore energy, incorporating hydrochloric acid to help my body assimilate nutrients, adding more essential fatty oils into my diet, eating nutritious whole foods and best of all, giving myself permission for a much needed break during the day! An added bonus is that I have also been able to lose the extra weight that had settled on my body over the past few years. I look forward to seeing more positive long term shifts through the changes I am incorporating. Thank you from one Lisa to another!
Lisa C.
Lisa C.Petaluma, CA