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Enjoying Your Lawn in the Summer

We all look forward to the spring and summer months to be able to enjoy spending time outside. In the pool,gardening,tending to your flowers,relaxing reading a great book. Wouldn’t it be nice if summer lasted all year long?

Pesky Insects Interrupt Summer Fun

From Mosquitos to spiders nothing annoys me more than trying to spend time outdoors and be bitten by insects. It does not stop there eighter,those same and other bugs feed on my garden and fruit trees. The solution is measured and targeted pest control. As a mom it is important to me that my child is protected without using too many harsh chemicals.

Organic Solutions

Over the years I have found several organic lawn and garden DIY solutions that have worked well for me,however when it comes to the mosquito its time to call in the big guns. Last year we installed a misting system while my neighbor has their lawn treated once per month to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Both seem to work well.

Finding A Pest Exterminator

When it comes to hiring for mosquito treatment regardless which system you choose to go with it is important to do your homework. When we investigated to find a pest tech,we first looked online at several companies’ customer reviews. Then we checked out the brand of misting system they carried and checked consumer reports to see if they had rated it. We were in luck; Consumer Reports indeed had rated the system we were considering.

The high marks from Consumer reports along with the positive customer reviews online we moved forward and so far,happy with our decision. My neighbor Jen’s lawn is treated monthly and her and Bob are happy with both the pest control company they selected and the results they are seeing.

I have a passion for delicious and healthy food made simple. I know that a healthy human is a happy human so we use organic ingredients and nutritional additives to make your body and your taste buds happy!