adorable kid girl preparing healthy foodAre you a family of a child with Autism, ADD/ADHD, depression, or anxiety? I can take the load off you as you start to address your child’s health with nutrition… As a personal chef and nutritional therapist trained in the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet, I can customize and cook a meal plan to get your child (and the rest of your family) relief – quickly, easily, safely, and powerfully. Learn more


Depositphotos_11512393_s-2015 V2Are you dealing with fatigue, extra weight, or sugar cravings, and ready to jumpstart your health? My group program is designed to get you off sugar, dropping symptoms, and back in touch with what your body really wants. Sugar addiction is just that – an addiction. So having a trained nutritional therapist and community by your side while you tackle it means you’ll get the information, support, and accountability you need to finally feel better! Learn more


woman with fruits and vegetablesAre you ready to dive deeper and heal the roots of your stubborn symptoms? My Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, Functional Evaluation, and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis will tell us what’s really going on, and the highly personalized nutrition protocol I create for you will finally address the underlying imbalances that are causing your symptoms. That means not just relief, but vibrant health! Learn more


Whether you are struggling with your own health issues or are concerned about your child’s diet being adequately balanced to achieve the best possible nutrition results, I look forward to helping you get on the path to a better life. To get started, I offer a free 20-minute consultation. Please give me a call today at 415.326.8888, or fill out and submit the form below and I will contact you within 24-48 hours.