My Story


I was fortunate enough to raise my family in Seattle, a city that promotes healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. We ate organic food as much as possible and avoided common household chemicals so we were surprised and alarmed when our then 11-year-old son began to experience periodic body pain so extreme that he frequently was unable to play with friends or actively participate in the sports he loved.

Luke’s 8 year-old sister was not without issues of her own. Alana (and I) would lose sleep as she woke nightly with severe stomach pain.  An x-ray at Children’s Hospital emergency room showed severe fecal impaction. Alana also struggled in school from the many negative comments made about her weight. Beginning at the tender age of 4, she had put on more than the normal amount of weight for a child her age. This not only affected her self-esteem but her health as well and we were warned that she was headed towards type 2 Diabetes.

Many tests and doctor visits later we were told Luke’s pain was “all in his head” and to take anti-inflammatories, around the clock if necessary, for relief. This mama bear knew better and motherly instinct and divine intervention brought me to a medical doctor who specialized in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Blood tests proved Luke had severe dairy sensitivities. His sister not only tested positive for dairy but gluten and eggs as well!

This brought up so many questions for me – and a resolve to do anything it took to answer them. Check out what happened next HERE…and go HERE if you want to see my credentials and affiliations.